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 School of nursing of the University of Minho


The School of Nursing  of the University of Minho (ESE-UMinho) is an organic unity of teaching and research-UOEI of polytechnic that ensures graduate education, post-graduate, research and other specialized services in the field of nursing. It is a structure with their own bodies and personnel by which the University makes a statement of its mission in the area of ​​knowledge of nursing and related fields, with particular emphasis on dimensions of teaching and research.

Brings together human and material resources to the development of their educational, scientific and technical activities within autonomous projects or in partnership with other units that meet the mission and goals of the University.

It is a national and international reference in nursing school and received the Award of Honor for Excellence in Education in 2006, awarded by the Latin American Council in Honor of Educational Quality. Teaching features it is the accuracy and the requirement, a close-teaching, mentoring permanently. Investing on the basis of solid training that promotes the scientific, technical, cultural, personal and ethical students has been a constant concern along with a strong investment in bet postgraduate training in nursing. The Nursing School is a member of ALADEFE (Asociación Latinoamericana de Escuelas y Facultades of Enfermeria A.C.) since September 2012.

The School of Nursing  of the University of Minho also received, on 5 December 2012, the Municipal Medal of Merit - Gold Grade, awarded by the city of Braga, in recognition of its institutional prestige.

ESE-UMinho offers 1st and 2nd cycle courses:

1st cycle:

Degree in nursing

2nd cycle:

Master in Nursing

Master in Nursing Person in Critical Situation

Postgraduate courses

Specialized Training Courses

Distance learning courses

mission and goals

The School's mission is to generate, disseminate and apply knowledge in the context of nursing and related fields based on freedom of thought and plural critical judgments, promoting higher education and contributing to the construction of a model of society based on humanistic principles, has the knowledge, creativity and innovation as growth factors, sustainable development, welfare and solidarity.

The fulfillment of the mission is carried out in an international framework, based on the centrality of research and its close connection with the teaching, by pursuing the following objectives:

a) human formation at the highest level in its ethical, cultural, scientific, aesthetic and technique, through a diversified educational provision, the creation of an appropriate educational environment, the enhancement of the activity of its faculty, researchers and staff not teaching and non-research, and personal, social, intellectual and professional development of its students, contributing to the lifelong life and the exercise of an active and responsible citizenship;

b) to conduct research and involvement with institutions and scientific events, focusing on the constant search for excellence, creativity as a source of proposals and innovative and differentiating solutions and the search for answers to the great challenges of society;

c) the transfer, exchange and utilization of scientific and technological knowledge produced through the development of software solutions, the provision of community services, conducting continuous training and development support on a reciprocal valuation basis and promotion of entrepreneurship;

d) The promotion of activities to facilitate the access and enjoyment of cultural goods for all people and groups, both internal and external to the School;

e) Cultural, scientific and technical exchanges with institutions and national and international organizations, through the mobility of students, non-teaching faculty and staff and non-research, development of educational programs and research-based partnerships, contribution to cooperation international, with particular emphasis on the European and Portuguese-speaking countries, and the creation of a multilingual environment at school;

f) Interaction with society through contributions to public understanding of culture, analysis and presentation of solutions to the main problems of daily life, and partnerships for social and economic development at regional, national or international contexts;

g) the contribution to the social and economic development of the region in which it operates and to the knowledge, preservation and dissemination of its natural and cultural heritage;

h) contribution to the promotion of institutional sustainability and competitiveness in the global space;

i) The promotion of academic associations and the legal framework, the recognition of the Association of Students of the School of Nursing, hereinafter abbreviated as Association, which is governed by its own statutes and regulations, as an organization whose mission is to represent the School students;

j) Collaboration with the Association in the manner prescribed by applicable law, in particular, providing conditions for the assertion of associational activity;

k) Monitoring the former -alunos by creating an observatory to continue the scientific and cultural exchange and cooperation at different levels.


statutes of the School of Nursing  of the University of Minho , approved in the Official Gazette, 2nd Series - No. 154 of August 10, 2015