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The School of Nursing  of the University of Minho (ESE-UMinho) is an organic unity of teaching and research-UOEI of polytechnic that ensures graduate education, post-graduate, research and other specialized services in the field of nursing. It is a structure with their own bodies and personnel by which the University makes a statement of its mission in the area of ​​knowledge of nursing and related fields, with particular emphasis on dimensions of teaching and research.

Brings together human and material resources to the development of their educational, scientific and technical activities within autonomous projects or in partnership with other units that meet the mission and goals of the University.

It is a national and international reference in nursing school and received the Award of Honor for Excellence in Education in 2006, awarded by the Latin American Council in Honor of Educational Quality. Teaching features it is the accuracy and the requirement, a close-teaching, mentoring permanently. Investing on the basis of solid training that promotes the scientific, technical, cultural, personal and ethical students has been a constant concern along with a strong investment in bet postgraduate training in nursing. The Nursing School is a member of ALADEFE (Asociación Latinoamericana de Escuelas y Facultades of Enfermeria A.C.) since September 2012.

The School of Nursing received in August 2013, in Mexico, sapientiae Prize Educational Excellence, awarded by the Organization of the Americas for Educational Excellence (ODAEE), obtaining, once again, international recognition for the demonstration and the ongoing interest in offering quality training for the community to which it belongs. 123

The Minho University Nursing School also received, on 5 December 2012, the Municipal Medal of Merit - Gold Grade, awarded by the city of Braga, in recognition of its institutional prestige.